How many emails does the average office worker receive?


How many emails does the average office worker receive?


Some of those stats are thrilling! Let's take a look at some of those a little deeper.


How many emails does the average person receive per day?

For an office worker, the answer is around 121!

Although most of these are spam, there's still a lot to trawl through! How many of those emails could have been a phone call instead? A problem raised over the phone is typically revolved quicker.


How long does the average worker spend on emails?

The average worker spends 3 hours a day. To put into context, that is 15.5 hours per week. 

In monetary value, you're looking at around £6,600 per annum!

The issue with this, is that 55% of workers agreed that excessive emails prevent them from doing their primary duties. So how many hours and how much money is wasted from this time spent on workplace emails?


How many consumers prefer communicating with companies on email?

50%. According to Adobe.

It's easy to see why; consumers lead busy lives and sending a quick email on the go is a lot more convenient than waiting in a telephone queue.

In a competitive business world, customer service is paramount to retaining custom.

Do you know if your customer service team is meeting their targets and responding to emails in a satisfactory timeframe?

Keep track of ALL emails sent within your organisation

Outlook Email Tracker is a clever analytical tool that measures email response times and identifies the root cause of all emails sent within your organisation.

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With Outlook Email Tracker, you can:

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  • See how emails are sent and their response times
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  • Make operational changes to improve your organisation

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