How Outlook Email Tracker Will Improve Email Efficiency

Outlook Email Tracker gives you the ability to track email volume and the reasons for emails by individual employee, department and the business as a whole.  It will monitor shared mailboxes, counting emails received, who responded and how quickly.  It will allow you to ensure that all emails in a shared mailbox are responded to.

It uses a range of criteria that give you a valuable insight into how promptly your business emails are dealt with, who they are coming from and what category they fall into. It gives you the information you need to take action to improve email efficiency and make email communication work harder for your company.

Monitor Productivity

Monitor email productivity of individuals or teams to ensure that targets or SLAs are being achieved.

Measure Response Time

Ensure that emails from customers and other stakeholders are answered within the required timeframe.

Investigate Email Volume

Investigate email volume across your business and cut back on unnecessary, time-wasting correspondence.

Analyse Email Trends

Monitor email trends by allocating root causes or reasons chosen by your organisation to each email.

Real-Time Reporting

Straightforward dashboard reporting in real-time. Customisable to suit individual requirements.

Completely Secure

The software only monitors subject lines and sender/receiver email addresses. All other email content is secure and fully compliant with GDPR.

View in real time on an interactive dashboard:

View in real time on an interactive dashboard:

Knowing the number of emails received by each employee gives you the knowledge you need to ensure that email volumes are better managed with no employees subjected to "email overload"
Unique email reason codes are defined by individual organisation, department or team. Emails are grouped by reason code, allowing you to observe trends and establish how to increase email efficiency.
Email received time is recorded along with the time taken to respond. Using this information, it's easy to ensure that email communication from key stakeholders is answered in the required timeframe.
Outlook Email Tracker will enable you to monitor if individual KPI or SLA targets are being met. You will then be in a position to take appropriate action.

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Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Outlook 365, Outlook 2013 and 2016. We will complete the set up and provide full support once the software is up and running.

Monitor Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes? Not an issue. Outlook Email Tracker will monitor shared mailboxes to record who is responding to emails, how quickly and the reason for the email.

Does not store Email Content

Outlook Email Tracker only documents email subject lines not the content. Therefore employee privacy is maintained and complications regarding GDPR are minimal.

Drill Down & Export Functions

Drill down into the data on the dashboard, to access increasingly detailed information about a specific area of interest. All data and charts can be exported for use in reports or meetings.

Outlook Email Tracker & Continuous Improvement

Outlook Email Tracker & Continuous Improvement

Outlook Email Tracker was originally built for a client who wanted to understand the root cause of emails and measure employee response times. They wanted to use this information to cut back incoming enquiries and decrease the time spent by the organisation answering emails. Thereby improving email efficiency. 

They had been doing this manually which was extremely time-consuming, so they asked us to help.

Outlook Email Tracker was built to allow users to:

Understand Email - Take Action - Measure Improvements 

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