Getting The Most From Your Outlook Management Tool

You bought Outlook Email Tracker, your Outlook management tool, to understand email in your organisation, take action to improve performance and productivity then measure the improvements, and that's exactly what we'll help you to do. We will install the system and provide any training required. You'll receive full product support for the first three months after purchase.  

We'll Be There to Get You Up & Running

There are occasionally user issues, extra training and unforeseen snags to sort out when a company first starts using any new software.  We'll be there to offer full support for the first three months after purchase.  

You will receive:

  • Full installation ensuring that all users and administrators have access to the features they will be using
  • Assistance with setting up aspects of the software individual to your business such as reason codes for emails or interpretation of results 
  • Full product training to ensure that all users know how to operate the software and are up and running as quickly as possible
  • Customised reporting if required to integrate into existing reports or other communication (may be at an extra cost)
Ongoing Innovation

We designed and built Outlook Email Tracker here at PSP-IT and we're therefore in the exciting position of being able to continually improve and perfect it. Our customer service teams stay in regular contact with our customers and we listen to their suggestions for improvements. For instance, due to customer requests, we recently added the shared mailbox feature that tracks different users of a shared mailbox.  

Technology is changing all the time and we pride ourselves in keeping pace by listening to our customers and carefully considering requests. Outlook Email Tracker is the only Outlook management tool of its kind that is available in the market at present. No other software allows you to securely track individual users and presents the information on an easy to use, intuitive dashboard, with customised reporting, whilst not invading employee privacy or causing additional GDPR concerns.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply pick up the phone and call us. We'll do the rest. We'll listen to your requirements and send you a quotation based on the number of users. Once this is approved, we can get you up and running.
Outlook Tracker is the only Outlook management tool of its kind available. It's simple, affordable and completely unique. It will give you the tools to increase productivity across your organisation.
Outlook Email Tracker is simple to install and typically takes 3-4 hours. We remotely install the master admin version onto your system which you then use to assign the licences to different users.
Some more questions for us? Drop us a line.